At Statewide, we understand your need to offer a wide range of technology solutions to clients in different circumstances. With this in mind, we provide an unsurpassed level of reliability with the technology to customize protection of life and property for your clients.

From a multi-tenant high-rise to the convenience store down the street (and everything in between) we can provide prompt, professional Fire & Life Safety monitoring of any emergency condition anywhere….

Fire Alarm, Sprinkler & Elevator Monitoring:   Statewide is one of a select few NYC Fire Department approved central stations, permitted to monitor commercial fire alarms within the five boroughs.  We maintain technical staff in house (NICET Level I – IV) simply to assist our alarm dealers with programming and troubleshooting.  Our extensive knowledge and guidance on NFPA and NYC codes provide a valuable advantage to dealers who use Statewide.  On an ongoing basis, we work closely with municipalities throughout the United States to insure code compliance.  We offer multiple options for fire alarm monitoring including, but not limited to:


  •     Traditional monitoring over POTS/VOIP lines
  •     Honeywell Dual Path communicators
  •     AES Mesh network
  •     DMP Cellular and IP communicators
  •     Teldat VisorAlarm for Firelite IP communication
  •     DSC Surgard Formats

Digital Monitoring:  Phone lines have been an integral part of the alarm industry for years and aren’t disappearing any time soon.  The combination of our fully redundant Surgard System III Receivers (along with our powerful software platform) allows us to accept and identify all the digital formats used today.  Knowing that technology is never stagnant, we are always ahead of the curve in updating our software and providing our alarm dealers with every possible option.



We accept all popular formats including, but not limited to:

Contact ID
Modem II
Modem III
3 x 1
4 x 2

Alternative Communication Methods

Ditch the phone lines!

Statewide offers the latest and most dependable communication solutions, enabling our dealers to overcome the obstacles that come with the use of traditional phone lines for Fire & Life Safety Monitoring.  We have been at the forefront of new technologies resulting from the inherent vulnerability of phone lines and the changes in data transmission becoming more prevalent with VOIP systems.  We offer our dealers a wide range of Cellular and IP monitoring solutions.

Call us today for a list of NYC Approved Transmitters.

Free Remote Access from PC Portal or Mobile App:  Statewide offers Matrix, a web portal and mobile application called Statewide Central Station App that provides your technical and management staff with the power of our central station from anywhere.

With Matrix and Statewide Central Station App, our alarm dealers can:

  • Place accounts on and off test
  • Review account history
  • Create new accounts
  • Modify existing subscriber information
  • Run reports
  • View real-time monitoring
  • And much more!!

Free Text Messages & Email Notifications: Stay up to date and in the know with free text and email notifications for you and your customers.

Partners in Technology:  Statewide has created and maintains close relationships with all major manufacturers throughout all facets of the security industry.  From Digital Monitoring to Video Verification to PERS Systems, we work with the most reputable manufacturers, so that you can design systems that meet the requirements of each of your clients. If there is a product line that you prefer that isn’t on our partner list, let us know!  We always welcome technical challenges.