Statewide Fire Corp. was launched in May of 2002 by Pamela Coppola-Columbia, its founder and President, at its prior Victory Boulevard location.

Assisted by Edward Keshecki (NICET Level IV), Pamela was successful in meeting all the stringent requirements of the FDNY to become one of the select few central stations in the entire country to be approved by the NYC Fire Department to handle commercial fire alarms within the City of New York.

Besides the strict physical requirements to attain such approval, each staff member must undergo specific and continual training in order to maintain the firm’s status with the FDNY.

In March of 2014, Statewide Fire Corp. moved into a brand-new, custom-designed, spacious, award-winning facility known as Corporate Commons, located within the Teleport complex of office and corporate facilities.

Since its humble beginnings, Statewide Fire Corp. has become known as a leader in the fire alarm industry, and frequently assists its alarm dealers with both FDNY and NFPA code compliance, troubleshooting, programming assistance, and more.

The firm has the capability to monitor all emergency conditions throughout the United States, and has established a reputation within the fire alarm industry for excellent dealer-client service, unmatched expertise, and the very latest in technology.

Pamela is proud that, despite the firm’s rapid growth, it is still known for providing each alarm dealer the highest level of personal, customized attention and service.  She and her team vow to maintain this close level of attention to each and every alarm professional, as they believe this to be a major component of their success.