Statewide Fire’s Unrivaled Level of Service

Our alarm dealers are proud to offer their clients a central station with the latest technology, impressive credentials, unmatched redundancy, AND a management and security team which delivers incredibly personal service!


Every day, our team strives for excellence in the level of service we provide to our alarm dealers and their clients….

….Our management team is available to our dealers at all times!  If it’s important
to you at 3 am, then it’s just as important to us!  Don’t hesitate to ask any Shift
Manager to have a management team member paged at any time.

….Our training goes far beyond that which is required by the FDNY and/or
CSAA Five Diamond requirements.  Besides continually training our security
team as we introduce new technology, our managers review policy and
brainstorm with staff members at least monthly to determine ways we can
improve our service and our interaction with you and your clients.

….Statewide has several senior staff members whose sole function is ongoing
training, with the goal of continually improving our quality of service.

….With an alarm response time rivaling the best in the industry, we constantly
reinforce its importance with response incentive programs, including contests
and competitions among our staff and between teams on different shifts.

….We take pride in the personalized attention we give to each of our alarm
dealers and clients.

The management and staff of Statewide Fire Corp. come to work every day with the goal of helping your business grow, and we urge you to let us know of any improvements or additions to our services that might foster additional growth.