Our Company History

Statewide Central Station has been in existence since 1981, at which time it operated above a small group of storefronts on Bradley Avenue in Staten Island.

The central station was purchased in 2001 by its current owners (Steven and Pamela Coppola), with the inspiration and encouragement of their Dad, Steven J. Coppola.  The brother/sister team immediately invested in DICE technology, upgraded the entire operation, and moved its headquarters to the Victory Boulevard location where it remained until March of 2014.

Due to the effort of Edward Keshecki (NICET Level IV), the firm then became one of a select few central stations in the entire country to be approved by the FDNY to handle commercial fire alarms within the city of New York.

In addition, the firm immediately began to pursue licensing in all states where central stations are required to be licensed, with the goal of being qualified to monitor alarms throughout the United States and beyond.   At the same time, the firm intensified its marketing efforts, and its dealer base began to grow, attracting alarm dealers from across the country, while also pursuing the acquisition of several other central stations.

In March of 2015, Statewide Central Station moved into a brand-new, custom-designed, spacious, modern facility known as Corporate Commons, within the Teleport complex of office buildings.

The firm’s growth has been remarkable…Back in 2001, two operators covered each shift, monitoring a minimal number of digital burg accounts, occupying an area less than 2,000 sq. ft.

Fast forward to today, Statewide employs over 50 staff members, has 30 operator stations (with room for more!) in an office area of 9,000 sq. ft, has an account base that has grown by more than 800 percent, is a CSAA FiveDiamond Certified central station monitoring all emergency conditions throughout the United States and Caribbean islands, and has established a reputation for excellence in customer service, expertise in the industry, and cutting-edge technology.  

In an industry with an incredibly high turnover of staff members, the firm is proud that their staff members invariably become long-term team members. Steven and Pamela both believe that the future growth and success of the firm is more dependent upon the dedication and effort of their security team than on any other factor.

And, unlike larger central stations (and despite the firm’s growth), it has become known for providing each alarm dealer (from the smallest to the largest) a level of personal, customized attention and service just not seen in the industry today.  This is the central station where “everyone knows your name”, and its management and staff are determined not to let that aspect of the firm’s service change.